More Russian military equipment will be acquired by India

According to The Hitavada, Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh left on Midsummer Eve for Russia on a three-day visit where he would be meeting the highest Russian political leadership and is predicted to update them about this situation on the Ladakh front where the Chinese Army has done a huge built upon Indian borders. Amid heightened tensions with China over boundary issues, Singh will request Russia to urgently supply spares and associated equipment to India for its main battle tanks, fighter planes, submarines. And he will request the acceleration of the S-400 defense missiles delivery schedule.

During the visit, the Defence Minister will take up the difficulty of urgent supply of kit and spares needed for the Russian-origin fighter including the Su-30MKIs and MiG-29s of the Air Force and therefore the MiG29Ks of the Indian Navy, the T-90 battle ranks for the military and therefore the Kilo-class submarines of the Navy along side other warships. The sources said the equipment was earlier alleged to be supplied to India through the ocean route but was stuck there for several months thanks to the COVID-19 situation.

Now the Defence Minister will request them to send these things to us through the air route to urge them urgently within the present situation. During the talks with the Russian leaders, the Defence Minister also will ask them to expedite the delivery of the S-400 defense systems which are alleged to be delivered by the top of 2021. In October 2018, India had signed a USD 5 billion affect Russia to shop for five units of the S-400 defense missile systems, notwithstanding warning from the Trump administration that going ahead with the contract could lead on to US sanctions. After the MiG-series plane started getting phased out, the Su-30 MKI has become the mainstay of the Indian Air Force.

After the govt allowed the soldiers to travel certain emergency procurements to try to to away with shortages of critical equipment, the Indian Army is getting to place an order for acquiring more 155mm Excalibur precision-guided artillery ammunition which may hit targets at 50 km range. The Excalibur ammunition was inducted last year by the military to accumulate the potential to hit enemy positions on the brink of populated areas without causing fatal accident on the western sector under emergency financial powers. There are plans to put new orders for the Excalibur ammunition employed by the M777A2 Lightweight Howitzers which may be deployed with ease on high altitude mountains.


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