How to Make Money from Facebook ?

Hello, and welcome friends today we learn how to earn money from facebook instant article and make more than $1000 every month. There is no limit on the earning potential through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hey, I am not cracking jokes. There are people out there who charge thousands rupees for just one tweet or Facebook post.

If you are a blogger or new in online earning you heard a term page speed, page speed is the important ranking factor in google as it provides better user experience and fast loading pages on the slow network. You can make money from facebook through fb Adbreks and Instant articles , today we will discuss about facebook instant articles .

What is Facebook Instant Article?

Have you ever click on a news post on the app which has a lighting sign and it loads very fast, Now that’s the Facebook instant article.The instant article is an innovation from Facebook that helps publishers get their content to load ten times faster than the standard load time it would take on the website.facebook instant articles

Facebook Instant Article is Facebook’s attempt to make a fast and efficient mobile web platform.

Facebook Instant Article was launched in May 2015. The selected publishers like National Geographic and The New York Times were allowed to participate.Later on, Facebook Instant Article was opened to all publishers in April 2016. Instant Articles features load your posts very fast so that your audience has access to the information.Facebook Instant Article controls the display of your posts for mobile visitors who click on them inside Facebook.

Instant Articles are HTML5 documents which are optimized for mobile and designed to load immediately in your Facebook feed. The main purpose of Facebook Instant Article is improving the mobile experience.

Facebook Instant Article is a lighter version of articles that shows up in the user’s newsfeed while they’re using the Facebook App and click on the link The goal of Instant Articles is to provide a better, faster, and more pleasant reading experience inside Facebook on mobile services.Facebook Instant Article is like a website/blog. You can create a page and publish it on Facebook. Then Facebook will recognize your page for monetization and advertisements will come on your page.

Facebook has some rules and procedures to follow:

# Website / Blog – You must have a blog or website in WordPress. The same post which you publish in your blog will be published in Facebook Instant Articles.

# Facebook Page – You must have a Facebook Page to publish the same post of your website or blog. Your Facebook page should be 3 months old.

# Copyright Article – You have to write your own article. Facebook doesn’t recognize copyright articles and must be written on its own.

# Make Money – When your page starts getting likes and people reads it. Then Facebook Instant Articles will give you recognition. Ads will start showing in your article and you’ll get money.

# Audience Network – Audience network means an ads network like google adsense . You’ve to get your website or blog recognized from here and advertisements will come to your page or website called Facebook Audience Network.

Facebook has reported that content published using Instant Articles receive more clicks, shares, and time spent reading.Facebook Instant Article is also bringing Facebook Ad standardization to blogging. Publishers can monetize their blog by placing ads in the Facebook Instant Articles.

Facebook uses the language that describes Instant Articles along with its features a move towards a more interactive experience.

There are some differences between regular articles viewed on a mobile device vs Facebook Instant Article:

  • Facebook Instant Articles content opens directly inside the Mobile App
  • In Instant Articles, the content is optimized for viewing only within the platform
  • Instant Articles takes only load time of about 300 milliseconds as compared to 3.66 seconds for standard Mobile Web Articles

Facebook gives content producers multiple tools to make articles immersive and interactive:

# Video Playing – Videos will play automatically as you scroll through the article.

# Image Fixation – Readers can zoom into high-resolution images. You can tilt your device to explore the full-width of images.

# Interactive Maps – Locations mentioned all over an article can be displayed on an interactive map.

# Embedded Audio – Snippets of audio can be played alongside any content to provide more contexts to the article.

Pros of Using Facebook Instant Article –

Facebook Instant Articles allows optimizing content for Facebook App users and it’s similar to google AMP

  • Fast mobile performance
  • Offers rich-media options combined with storytelling capabilities (high-resolution photos, videos, interactive maps)
  • Branded design and customized visual display

How to Make Money From Facebook?

Now coming on how to earn money on Facebook, so friends if you are running a blog or going to start a blog, not necessary to use a custom domain and hosting.

You can start using, by making a free blog on Blogger, WordPress, Wix and more free platforms for building your site.

It uses RSS feed from your blog or website and places audience network ads with better ad placements your revenues generated more.

And when you publish an article, it automatically updates on the production article, and you can post it on your facebook page.

fb instant article setup latest

When viewers read your instant article, you start making your money, and when you cross your 100$ threshold, you get paid.

Now I will tell you how to start your journey through the instant article, what are the steps you need to follow for verification.

How to Set-up Your Facebook Page to Earn Money:

Before starting with the process first, you need to set up your page connect your site with your page and submit for approval is the first step.

make money from facebook

1.) Sign-up:

First thing’s first, you need to have signed up for Facebook and own an active account, after that you still need to sign up for instant articles. Once this is in place, you can proceed to the next step.

2.) Create or choose your official page:

The next thing after sign up is to either create a page if you do not have or to choose a page if you have an existing Facebook page.

Want to create a facebook page is super easy, follow this link and choose your niche, fill all the details and done.

If you already have a quality followers page, this is awesome you can connect your page to your blog or website.

Connect your page

facebook instant article setup

The next thing to do is to show proof of ownership of your website by providing the URL you intend to use, and after that.

You’ll be given a metadata tag that you can place in your HTML tag, and then you can add the URL to your setting. When you get to the settings, you’ll see simple steps you can follow.

3.) Production RSS feed:

It is used to auto-load your articles from your blog or website, if you are using WordPress, you can download instant article plugin which will create your RSS feed URL.

To get URL, go to search bar type your domain name/fee/instant-articles.

You see your RSS feed, copy the URL and submit it to the production RSS feed.

And if you are not using WordPress, you can use Feedburner for creating your RSS feed URL.

4.) Create your content:

The next thing for you to do is to start creating your content branded content. You can create your content on your website and right away start your publishing directly to your Facebook page.

The whole process is made simple as you don’t have to start creating separate content, just a one-time content and you get to deploy on other platforms.

You have to submit at least ten articles for your review process, after that when you verified you could place ads and publish.

If you are using WordPress, submit your page id and ad code, and it automatically places ads in the production library article.

Facebook Instant Articles earnings:

All set now its time to know how to set up the payment option, monetize content and also see the proof of Facebook instant articles earnings.

So below you can see the screenshot of one day earning from a 1000 page like fan page so you can understand how much you can make.

Facebook instant articles earnings are sometimes much more than Google Adsense some of them earning $500 a day.

One important thing you need to focus on is always posting original branded content with optimized ad placements.

The next question is how to get ad code, for that you need to create an account on the audience network select type of ads.

When you submit RSS feed URL, next to that, you see audience network option you can follow  create an account

The audience network is just like Adsense, your ad network where you have to sign up and fill your payment method.

earn money from facebook instant article


For this next step, you can create a customized form you want to give your content or contents moving forward. You can choose color schemes, fonts, outline and a whole lot of other things available for your use.


This is the final stage.  Where you have to submit your work to Facebook for final approval so that your content can go live. The standard review time is usually between one to two days.

instant article review

now you can start to earn money from facebook when your verification gets successful.

Limitations of Facebook Instant Article 

Promoting Instant Articles can mean that you end up suffering in regards to traffic to your website.

Facebook Instant Article comes with a number of limitations to consider:-

# Eligibility – Websites with less than 50 posts will be rejected. If your website meets the post count then you can join after manual review.

The manual process push your way through the inevitable applications takes time and your competitors will take advantages of Instant Articles before you.

# Compatibility – Publishers will need multiple ways out to show the same page via different platforms.

These solutions may not be consistent in their implementation. In WordPress, some plugins may also need more code to be compatible.

# User Interaction – Facebook stated that there will be no News Feed ranking benefits to Instant Articles.

All the interactions like reactions, comments, and shares take place with the Facebook App. Instant Articles could increase your Facebook user engagement but not your reach.

# Future Decisions – Facebook’s terms are favorable for publishers right now, but if Instant Articles has a large adoption rate then these terms may change.

Facebook may choose to remove competitor’s ads like Google AdSense, replacing them with own version and further lock-in content providers.

# Limited Sharing – Facebook Instant Article allows you to share the post on Facebook and Twitter but doesn’t let you share it anywhere else.

You can share it on other networks selecting open in browser and access the social sharing plug-ins within the website to share. It’ll limit the user’s experience and balance the advantage gained by using them in the first place.


Mobile browsing is now dominating but the web content speed is sometimes not enough. Facebook Instant Article is the answer to rapid content delivery within the Facebook ecosystem. Today, you need both Google AMP and Facebook Instant Article to deliver an improved experience to mobile readers. Facebook Instant Article is a great option for any publishers who want increased exposure to new audiences and monetize the content. You should give users the deserving experience which helps build your brand’s credibility with Facebook Instant Article on Facebook and on their mobile devices.


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