India Vs China : After PM Modi Visit on Leh Border Chinese army retreated to one KM, buffer zone formed near Galvan valley

The Chinese army has retreated somewhat in the border dispute between India and China. One kilometer of Chinese army from the incident site in Galvan Valley. There is news of going backwards.

Big news has now come to light in the dispute between India and China since the month of May. On June 15, the place where the armies of the two countries came face to face, now the Chinese army is about one km from there. She has retreated. There was a churn between the forces to withdraw the soldiers continuously, in such a situation, this is being considered as the first stop of this process.

On the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the Chinese Army is about one km from the site of violence in Galvan Valley. She has retreated.

If sources are to be believed, the army of both the countries have agreed on relocation and the forces have retreated from the present location. A buffer zone has now been built near the Galvan Valley, so that no incidents of violence can occur again.

The Chinese army has begun to repel its tents, carts and soldiers. This was decided in the conversation of Corps Commander Level. According to army sources, the Chinese are about one km away. Have gone backwards, which can be seen from the Indian side. However, China has kept its belongings far back in the Galvan Valley. After this, there can be further talk in both the armies.

20 soldiers were martyred in Galvan valley

Let us tell you that there has been a tension situation between India and China since the month of May. The Chinese Army and the Indian Army face to face at Pangong Lake near Galvan Valley on the Eastern Ladakh border.

In the first week of June, the conversation between the two countries started, where the military level was discussed. But on 15 June, there was a clash in the Galvan valley, in which 20 Indian Army soldiers were martyred. China also suffered a great loss, but never considered it.

There have been many rounds

The Indian Army spoke to the Chinese Army on 6 June, 22 June and 30 June. In which it was said to take the present situation back to the situation before April. India stood firm on its issue, but China did not agree.

India also increased its deployment in response to the presence of increasing military from China across the border. Now several troops of the Indian Army are deployed on the Ladakh border.

PM Modi was surprised by the tour

Last Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi suddenly reached Leh. PM Modi reached Neemu Post, which was some distance away from the Ladakh border, although a large number of army personnel are present here.

PM Modi in his address gave a strong indication here that the time for expansionism is gone and the time for developmentalism has come. China was shocked after this statement.


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