NSG Commando Photos which will give you goosebumps

2011 NSG Photo From Left SIG553 SB + Trijicon ACOG

4 × H&K Mp5-A3
Cornershot + Glock 17  BEL NVGs

National security Guard (NSG) MUMBAI hub(26 SCG)

” Commandos never die , we just go to hell and regroup”


The Saviour

NSG Commando from 26 SCG, Mumbai Regional Hub opeartor with SIG553 LB + Trijicon ACOG

ACH + Militech Clamp + NVGNsg_commando_latest

Brotherhood , NSG commando with MP5 A series , MP5 K , SIG 553 And Level 4 Ballistic Shield

NSG Commando with MPk SMG

Ford F550 Superduty with Mobile Adjustable Ramp System

Belgian Malinois

National Security Guards Commando

Ford F550 Superduty with Mobile Adjustable Ramp System
Renault sherpa scout

NSG Commando

SIG 553 LB with Night Vision Sight and that commando dagger is love

NSG Combat Free Faller during R-Day Parade 2017

SIG 551 SB Rifle with mounted Night Vision Sight & attached SIG GL5040 Under Barrel Grenade Launcher


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