SEO By Vishu Rathore

SEO By Vishu Rathore
Classified of search engine is used to submit your website and build your keywords so that the ranking should be separate according to it. This classification is help to build your website famous so thar you can promote the product’s through different types of distinguished websites. Classification of search engine is also known as search engine optimisation and below is the explanation of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Seo in simple terms is a process of implementing certain techniques on a website to improve its visibility for relevant keywords in top pages of search engines.

How SEO works?

Search engine rank website based on several factors like content, keywords, links.

Websites need to be optimized to meet such factors

Focus more on the content that satisfies and meets user requirements

SEO By Vishu Rathore

In a nutshell seo works on 2 factors-

  1. Meet search engine guidelines
  2. Beneficial information on website for the users

When these factors are met the website will rank and do well.

Seo techniques

2 types of techniques are-

  1. White hat seo- techniques that search engines recommend and approve to be implementation on websites-

On page/ onsite optimization

Off page/ offsite optimization

  1. Black hat seo- techniques that search engines donot approve and not be implemented on websites.

Hidden content


Door way page

There are two types of SEO:

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off page SEO
  3. On page SEO-

In on page SEO, there are three main. Things wgich you have to look up.

The first and foremost thing is GOOD CONTENT.

It is optimizing differenr parts of the website. You have control and can change on your own website according to your choice. Here are the biggest factors included.

  1. Title tag: Put your main keywords in the title tag of each page on your website.
  2. H1 tag ( heading tag) : Headings are main or the largest in text words on the page, and for that reason, search engines give them a little more weight than your other page . It is a good idea to work your main keywords into the headings of each web page.
  3. URL Structure: put all the keyword in your URL of your website.
  4. Alt text for images: You have to add the alt text for all the images on the website. The alt text includes keyaords main present in it.
  5. Page load speed: page load.speed helps you to rank your website on the search results.
  6. Page content: content of page is the useful tool for people. If your content is powerful, then there is good search web page.
  7. Internal linking: linking internally or externally to other website is very useful for your new visitors. Which helps you for your vetter search engines.
  8. Meta description: This is the most important r factor of On page SEO. This long text length 165-170 characters. In this, you have to put your targeted keywords.

Off page SEO:

It focuses on gettiing the authority of your domains through the links from other websites. By this your websites ranking becomes high.

There is a good example. If you have a bath tub and it is full of ducks assume that the ducks are our pages amd bathtub is our website. And you start to fill bath tub with water assume water a s links i.e. backlinks. And your duckies are all rise to the top. This is how your websote ranks on the top. If it has much water in the bath tub then it throw another duck or page then it floats on the water without any effort. There’s score called Domain Authority. That caluculates your sites which is as much compared to other websites.

The main Off page SEO factor is that how many number of backlinks to your website. There are following ways by which you can create number of backlinks:

  1. Create awsome content: if yiu creare awesome content, then by this you can create awsome backlink.
  2. Social media shares content by this you can create backlink.
  3. Guest blogging on your site helps you to create bavklinks.

There are so many popular off page techniques..

  1. Busines listing
  2. Directory Submission

3.image sharing

  1. Video sharing
  2. Ppt sharing
  3. Pdf sharing
  4. Press release submission
  5. Guest blogging
  6. Form submission
  7. Classified Ads
  8. Audio sharing
  9. Video sharing
  10. Link buliding
  11. Social bookmarking
  12. Questions and Answers
  13. Search Engine submision
  14. Blog commenting
  15. Blog submission
  16. Web 2.0 submission
  17. Microblogging

Business listing : open any business listing website, register to the account then add your business by all. Details. As mentioned in the form.

Directory submission: open any website,  register to your account then add your website it’s your choice you want to. Submit free or paid.

Image sharing: open website,  register to the account and upload image that’s suits your website.

Social bookmarking: register to the account and add link then submit.

Classified ads: Open your website and add advertisement. Write unique and effective content when visitor see your ads then they impress.

Classified of search engine is used to submit your website and build your keywords so that the ranking should be separate according to it. This classification is help to build your website famous so thar you can promote the product’s through different types of distinguished websites.

Questions and answers: in this you have to answers all the question that relate your site and you have to use your targeted keywords in this.  For e.g. the main submission site is

Forum submission: Form submission is the way of online  sites in which you have to discuss your points. To Discus, you point of your the given topic and submit your comment or feed Back to the Topic and your website name or It is a way to share your knowledge also it helps a website by collecting backlinks and by this step you step. Forward for ranking higher of your websites. .

PDF sharing: you have to Post free Pdf file. Share free Pdf files. You have to sharing Instant Approval High Pr free Pdf submission websites .

Its not about choosing between on page or off page seo. Off page and on page ranking together to improve your search quality.

Both the factors affect your website and rank high.

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